Finance Assistant and Supporting

Job Responsibilities

  • Enter financial data into the system
  • Make the selling in-out report
  • Manage revenue & expenses of SPGs, Van Canvasing & Online Selling (Margin)
  • Monthly Tax declaration preparation
  • Keep track of accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • Make the payment for suppliers
  • Fixed Asset Report
  • DOI Report
  • Check Expense and Do REP
  • Monthly Report SOO and SO
  • Request FAP in system
  • Report sale data to country manager
  • Monthly accrual (clearance & import duty and A&P)
  • Check incentive sale team
  • Other tasks assigned by Supervisor/Manager 

Job Responsibilities

  • Bachelor degree/Fresh graduated students in Finance and Accounting (are encouraged)
  • Be able to communicate in English
  • Be Good in using word and excel
  • Be Good in communication
  • Be able to do multitasks sometimes

Apply to


Tel: 017 728 457

Address: Morgan Tower, 14th floor, Room 8B-13, Sopheakmongkul, street Village 14, Phnom Penh


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